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well it is another name for a hicky. But there is some guy from clear fork that is called that for some really odd reason. We are not too sure about him. He seems kinda weird. but he is cool anyway.
hey sucker bite! you have a sucker bite on you neck :)
by sarjen January 22, 2005
rob clark. He is a awesome snowboarder and he is going pro! He kicks ass, and he is like a bear. there for robba bear. haha get it!
hey robba bear, you sweet thing.
by sarjen January 22, 2005
TIGER! kick ass snowboarder/skiier. He totally is the funniest kid we have ever met! he rocks our world. majorly!
brother to tyler.. YEA! no need to say anymore brittney totally likes!
tiget my brother where is the tigeress tonight?
by sarjen January 22, 2005
it sounds like colt. but don't let that bother you. His name is not colt. his last name is browne hense brownie. Well, to say the least.. DO YOU GET IT?..
haha yes!
look at the colky brownie!!!
by sarjen January 22, 2005
a guy from clear fork that they call och. and it sounds too much like oak. and his last name is ochyltree and it sounds like oak tree. but he is a great guy that snowboards and he is cool.
like a oak tree quercus alba.
by sarjen January 22, 2005
we don't know who this kid is but we met him once. Kinda odd if you ask me. But we are totally down with oddness.
Gettin jiggy with it. na na na na .. naa
by sarjen January 22, 2005

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