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Norwegian female first name.
A modern name with unsure meaning, but from German origin it means princess, beauty, and also with eyes that smiles.
Her name is Iselin, because of her stunning beauty and eyes that smiles.
by Mrs.Molly February 13, 2010
Noun: Iselin refers to the small town in Northern New Jersey that is beginning to grow over-populated with Indians. Home of the infamous Oak Tree Road, Iselin smells like the inside of a baby's rectum.

Adjective: meaning smelly, grotesque, unbearable, a piece of garbage.

Noun(2): a used tampon.

Noun: Iselin is gross, don't go there.
If you're caucasian and you live in Iselin... you probably hate it.

Adjective: Oh my god! You are so Iselin! When's the last time you showered?!
If you don't clean that mud off your body, you're going to be very Iselin.

Noun(2): Make sure you wrap up your soiled Iselin before you flush it down the toilet.
by T-fizzle the nizzle bizzle May 09, 2006
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