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1. Piss off, get the fuck outta here, go away from my window, live at your own chosen speed...
2. go hide your shit face in sum place, don't walk in the light, stay away from my sight
(could be very sweardy ifu add "(...)you cunk !")
3. A shade-in is the undercover asshole best friend sweet lady boobasss bitch neighbour fellow man broda & sista cunk who'll bust yu up right in the fuck! You can trust nobody in dis damned buzness...
1. Abwoat:
"Say Coasty, yu could have washed some dishes, yu cunk modasucker lazy bitch!"
"Uh! common yu, shade in, will you? Get dis shit off of me!"

2. Abwoat:
"In that movie Matt Damon was an undercover agent for the narcs!"
"Di Caprio was one too, fucking shit minds shade-in"
Abwoat laughing his guts off.
"What's so funny about that, yu 'tard?
"Yu've just said"Caprio was one too" One! Too! that's the funny motherfuckin'point, don't look at me like that, asshole!"
by Slangherinthenight May 21, 2008
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