on the phone
hey wyd ? I'm otp with bae 😏 .
by your welcome for this August 01, 2015
A cute, lovable couple that someone really adores. Usually a couple that everyone wants to copy.
Natalie: Do you see Dylan and Robert?
Syeda: Yeah, their my OTP!
by xxemleexx February 19, 2015
OTP examples

by rmlt February 17, 2015
On the phone
Hey u want to talk otp ? 😏
by _teamo-_- January 24, 2015
meaning on the phone or one true pairing
Hey later on you wanna get otp?
omg dan and phil are my otp
via giphy
by thebae34 May 08, 2016
On the phone
Otp with my best friend Leyla...
by SlangDef April 23, 2015
OTP stands for One True Pairing, although no one JUST has one. Often used by fangirls to describe their love for the love interest. A common word found in a fandom.
Percabeth is my OTP!
by :(/ April 03, 2015
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