"One True Paring."
Used in fandoms to espress what charaters you ship. (put together romantically)
In some cases, OTP could mean "One of The many Pairings i ship" because you strongly pair many people together and can't choose just one.
Hannah/Justin is my OTP!

Jason/Lea and Hannah/Justin are my OTPs!
by jakedirkiscanon August 22, 2012
A camera that Only Takes Pictures. As opposed to a smartphone that has multiple functions.
Kids, don't forget your OTPs on our trip. I don't want to use my phone for all of our vacation photos!
by phunlee January 15, 2011
Also known as "outside the pants." This is when a person gives a hand job when you are still wearing clothes. Although it works best wearing pants, you may substitute for alternative clothing (i.e. short shorts, biker shorts, capris; etc). You may also substitute hands for feet and penises for vaginas.
Nick: So I ended up going to a movie last night with Marisa.
Tim: Well how was the movie.
Nick: If by movie you mean an otp handy then it was great. But if you're actually asking about the movie then you're a real doucher.
Tim: I was asking about the movie.
by Apetit4-500 August 19, 2014
On The Pingers
On the pingers, on the pills, OTP
by Tarni July 08, 2014
One True Pairing. Used to express how two individuals are perfect partners for each other.
Bethany + The Cat = OTP
by NICOL October 10, 2012
On the prowl
Bro.. your OTP tonight.
by redhoodie October 22, 2013
On the phone
Chris; ayo, what you doing dawgs?

Mike; OTP with my girl, ima call you back.
by Coolnightmares October 29, 2014

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