On The Phone
Hey baby, how are you?
can't talk right now i'm otp
by MonsterMo June 05, 2015
Over the pants
Don't worry, we kept it OTP.
by Skittle10000 March 30, 2015
On The Pooper- its a term commonly used on internet communities to allow those they are chatting with to know they are away from keyboard for a bathroom break. It originated on forum based RP's.
Chat with you in a minute. I'm OTP.
by Sidney Bainbridge March 03, 2014
Abbreviation (New Zealand & Australia):
On the piss. on the piss
Verb: To Be Drinking Alcohol.
"It's my birthday tonight and we are going to get otp!"
by Helpfulkiwi September 01, 2013
on the phone
we've been otp all night
by hawk0930 November 28, 2015
On the Phone
OTP right now buddy...give me 10?
by jwsadler November 13, 2015
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