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On The Pingers
On the pingers, on the pills, OTP
by Tarni July 08, 2014
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OTP means "One True Pairing." It is a term in Fanfiction and is used in fandom. It is a person's favorite and "true" pairing of two characters. OTP is mainly known in the anime Fanfiction world.
IchiRuki is so my OTP!
by LilyM99 June 22, 2014
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Meaning "One True Pair"
Commonly used my fangirls and fanboys when describing their favourite pairing/ship. One True Pair is used because it is the fangirl or fanboys number one ship.
Dean and Castiel are derfiantly my OTP

I think my OTP would have to be Steve and Tony

My OTP is Katniss and Peeta
by fangirlinthetardis May 12, 2014
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An acronym that stands for: One True Pairing. This term is used when you ship two people together so strongly that you think they are meant for each other, and refuse to ship them with anyone else.
Hazel and Augustus are so perfect! They are my OTP!
by ispeakfangirl16 May 17, 2014
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On the phone or a person/ people you always communicate with
"Mom I'm too busy otp"
"There's my otp"
by Kherio March 10, 2014
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On that pot
Micheal: wyd James

James:otp "on that pot"
by Shoota_new Orleans November 24, 2013
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On the Prowl. Individuals who are single and looking for prey (someone to hit on). These individuals are not creepy, but rather have a great sense of game and choose their prey wisely.
Amy: How long have you been single?
Jackie: I have been OTP since May. Oooh, here comes Josh. Gotta go.
by JLinx November 13, 2011
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