outside the perimeter; Atlanta slang for anything suburban; outside of I-285.
I almost got hit on Highland by some OTP fuck in a SUV that doesn't know what a crosswalk is. Cobb plates, of course.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
One True Pairing. Used to express how two individuals are perfect partners for each other.
Bethany + The Cat = OTP
by NICOL October 10, 2012
One True Pair

A ship couple like two celebrities that you believe would look cute together.
A: Who's your OTP?
B: Ohmygod , I ship Zalfie.
by LittleMissHemmingsBitch October 22, 2014
On the phone or a person/ people you always communicate with
"Mom I'm too busy otp"
"There's my otp"
by Kherio March 10, 2014
On that pot
Micheal: wyd James

James:otp "on that pot"
by Shoota_new Orleans November 24, 2013
it is a ocd like disorder except in this disorder you are constantly checking to see if there is your hair on any of your cloths or pulling out hair so you can get knots out of your hair.
some guy: that girl keeps checking her sweater to see if her hair fell out.
other guy: she must have otp
by alialee May 11, 2012
OTP means "One True Pairing." It is a term in Fanfiction and is used in fandom. It is a person's favorite and "true" pairing of two characters. OTP is mainly known in the anime Fanfiction world.
IchiRuki is so my OTP!
by LilyM99 June 22, 2014
over the pants squeezer
Kid 1: Yo did you titty fuck that girl?

Kid 2: No but she did give me an otps at least
by Tike Mully November 08, 2009

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