OS X is the world's worst, least secure and least efficient operating system. Made by the world's worst computing company, Apple Inc. Based on UNIX.

In realilty, it may not be THE worst, but it sure isn't anywhere near the best. They are basiclaly an over complicated GUI running an out dated Operating System. Kind of like Windows, only Windows isn't spending half your computer's power trying to emulate another operating system like Mac is.

Lets not forget they only support Intel, the single worst processor on the market.

Do yourself a favor:
Buy a Windows PC. If you give a rats ass about security, which you shouldn't, because you're a nobody and nobody is going to hack a nobody, get Linux.

Linux is the most efficient and secure operating system, which is why 80% of servers run on linux, about 4.9% run on windows, about 15% run on FreeBSD, and about 0.1% run on Mac. The only downside is that most distributions run on linux native instead of FAT32, which causes it to be next to impossible to play .exe games. However, there are distributions which run .exes like Xandros, with the FAT32 operating system, and are therefore even better than Windows, even if it's slight.

Everyone knows, the only reason Mac has the least viruses is because it has the smallest percent of both the server and home desktop market shares.
Windows User: Why the hell are you using Mac OS X for games when the games were made for WINDOWS?

Mac User: Because I'm a dickhead and like to fit in by paying $1000 for an oversized paper weight!
by nof99 September 03, 2007
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Came before Vista.

Irritating Fanboys and silly marketing campaigns (albeit now Microsoft have emulated them too- see the pattern here?) cloud its actual benefits, but its largely used for its creative capabilities. And when I say, "capabilities" I mean Logic and Final Cut work only on OS X, Industry-standard programs.

A 'true' user of OS X is generally quite irritated and bemused by fanboys and marketing campaigns and couldn't careless what OS you use or how much money he/she paid for it, because it works for them and they are rather pleased no one bothers making Virus' for their OS.
Apple Fanboy: "lolololol OS X is sooo cooool and I liek it lots I can make coooool beats and moovies lol and adverts!!11!!"

Microsoft Fanboy: "yeeeeah lololol youre sooo ghey I can play videogames lolo and DOS websites, gg n00b"

"True OS X user" : "So I've got a job and get laid regularly. Both of you Sod off"
by AnonOSXuser January 06, 2009
A 64 bit Operating System created by Apple Computer Inc. to accompany their computers. OS X runs on the Mach 3.0 microkernel. It also features FreeBSD services (daemons), tight hardware integration, and SMP-safe drivers. The most notable features in Apple OS X are Spotlight, Dashboard, and Exposé. Spotlight is an advanced intra-computer metadata search engine, which allows a user to search any file on the computers hard drive with no noticeable delay. It also searches words within documents, PDF files, and has many downloadable plugins that make third party programs compatible with spotlight. Dashboard features "widgets", or layer based mini-applications built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript platforms. Activating the dashboard is as simple as pressing F12. Exposé is a way of managing one's desktop inside OS X. Exposé is activated by pressing either F9, F10, or F11. When F9 is pressed, all open windows instantly scale down into a tile pattern in order for the user to see all of them, allowing the user to pick the window he or she wants to switch to. When F10 is pressed, all open windows in the application that the user is using will scale down in order for he or she to pick the one that they want within that application. When F11 is pressed, all open windows scatter to the edge of the screen, revealing the desktop. The current version of OS X available is 10.4, codenamed Tiger. The next version of OS X, 10.5, is scheduled to come out in early 2007, possibly competing with the up and coming Windows Vista.
OMFG BBW OSX is teh shit!
by DJ Jazzy Jeff April 01, 2006
A common misspelling applied to Apple's Mach-based operating system.

Compare Mac OS X, OS X.
Mac OS X-specific web searchs are tedious with the variation of spellings in the wild, such as: "OSX", "OS/X", "MacOSX", and "OS10".
by Dreamcore August 04, 2006
Apple's Unix distribution. Properly utilizes a multicore CPU for the best multiprocessing experience, properly manages RAM and efficiently runs the machine, for as low as 4 hours to as much as 10 hours of continuous use on a MacBook, compared to 3 hours maximum on a Windows PC. Very difficult to obtain a virus, string, robust, reliable, and, if properly taken care of, can last well over a decade. It's worth it's price!
Guy: "Hey, can I try out OS X? I'm tired of Windows!
by Proud Apple User June 17, 2015
An operating system made by Apple.
It uses Unix(FreeBSD)as it's underpings.
Mac OSX is known for it's interface called Aqua which is runned on Coacoa engine.
"I think OSX is better than Windows XP any damn day!"
by Aquatic Angel May 09, 2005
An OS based on UNIX. OSX users are known to be very fucked up and are usually against Windows. They think OSX is the world and that it rocks their socks when it really sucks their socks! They basically like the eye candy and think Apple (the company name is stolen from the name of a fruit).. OSX users think they are l33t but they are really n00bs who are quite lazy.
Steve Jobs: Do you know what OSX has amazing GUI.
Billy: Yeah right, you can't even maximize the fucking window.
by 73]-[ l337 June 17, 2006
An operating system that runs on the same hardware as Windows.
This OSX software is slick, but we still have to use the same languages to code it, and it's just as slow as Windows, because it's on the same computer architexture that's been in use since hte 80s.
by Stalepie B January 27, 2008
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