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greatest user system ever. Much better than vista. Vista never runs right at al on PCs and vista users had to have the mock XP setting just to make it run better. Macs even run vista better than PCs. Most of the the business world uses Macs or has plans to switch to them. More people are starting to use macs for there ease of use and the relatively few problems. Many games are released for PC instead of Macs ( a terrible conspiracy by Windows companies) but Macs ability to have both OS X and Vista or XP on it defeats that. Macs are amazing computers and derserve more understanding than they get.
Previous poster who talked down to Macs: Macs and OS X are terrilbe and for idiots.

Me: (Laughing very loudly.) Says you.
by 57bADGUY57 August 11, 2008

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