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Most of you Mac-worshipping idiots have no clue what you're talking about.

- "My Windows computer wouldn't crash so much if it was a Macintosh!"
Windows isn't a computer dumbshit, it is an OPERATING SYSTEM! Then again, if you were too stupid to realize that, then you should use a Macintosh... besides, if you believe that Windows crashes frequently, see PEBKAC.

- "Any PC user should thank Apple because without Apple you would 1) Have no mouse. 2) Have no graphical user interface (GUI). 3) No Windows "Vista," because the OS is basically a copy of many of the features that Mac users have had for years."

1) Really? Apple was able to innovate double-click technology all by themselves?
2) Apple copied the idea of a GUI from Xerox - they didn't think of it themselves.
3) And OS X doesn't have features that were stolen from Windows? The dock is just a reimplementation of the Windows taskbar, quick launch bar, and notification area. As for the "dock menu", isn't that just a clever reinvention of the Start Menu?

- "Based on unix", "unix based"

This may surprise you, but OS X is actually based on freeBSD which is a REIMPLEMENTATION of Unix. And by "Based on freeBSD", I mean that Apple stole the BSD kernel, tortured it, and left it as a cripple. Also, as somebody already mentioned, you can see that versions of the Mac OS based on Apple's own technology (OS 9 and below) totally suck ass. Apple finally realized it would be a good idea to move to somebody elses technology. OS X is the only version of the Mac OS that comes close to being worthy of comparison with any version of Windows, and it doesn't even use Apple's own kernel! Windows XP, on the other hand is based on the technology of Windows NT. It's basically Windows NT 5.1.

- "Macintoshes are way faster than Winblows. It's been proven in benchmark test after benchmark test. Just because a computer has a higher clock speed doesn't mean that it's faster. Ever heard of CHIP STRUCTURE? Kthx."

Lmfao... lmfao... lmfao... do you actually believe that Apple told the truth about those benchmarks? They conducted the benchmarks themselves, and lied about their performance. Actual benchmarks have proven that a iMac G5 is slower than a Dell Pentium.
Me: Nope.
Me: Firstly, I have a decent virus scanner that has kept me safe from all malicious programs. Secondly, nobody bothers to make viruses for macintoshes. You can't even get NEGATIVE attention.
Me: Apple copied the idea of a GUI from Xerox. Besides it's not like Apple never copied anything from Microsoft... your Dock Menu is just reinvented Start Menu.
Me: *Falls on the floor laughing*
by Macinshit September 15, 2006

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The other definitions are correct: Windows Server 2003 is very stable, and it is rather surprising that Microsoft could accomplish writing such an OS. It definitely pwns Mac OS X Server and is almost worthy of comparison with some Linux server systems.
Yay, I just bought Windows Server 2003.
by Macinshit September 08, 2006

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As of now, OS X is the latest release of the Mac OS. It is commonly used by less-educated people, generally people that are gullible enough to believe the lies and slander that Apple says in their desperation to sell Macs. Here's some real facts:

Speed: The G5 Processor (what OS X runs on) is what Apple claims to be the fastest processor in the world. They released several irrelevant and suspicious benchmark tests that supposedly "proved" that this was true. However, Apple's policy to lie about their performance still stands. ACTUAL benchmarks have proven that Mac OS X running on a G5 is not only NOT the fastest operating system in the world -- it's slower than a Dell Pentium running Windows NT 4! If you want proof about this, just conduct a google search for "Apple lies G5", and you'll see what I mean.

Security: Mac OS X (and previous versions of the Mac OS) have generally been virus-free. However, this proves nothing about Apple's capabilities of creating a secure operating system. Nobody bothers to write viruses for the Mac. Why would they? Over 90% of people that use computers use PC's running Windows. Virus writers want to infect the most amount of computers in the world, so they attack Windows instead. Nobody wants to infect a Mac because hardly anybody uses them.

Stability: Mac OS X has a FreeBSD/UNIX kernel (core). Having used BSD myself, I have to admit that it is a good, stable operating system. However, it's evident that Apple managed to cripple the BSD kernel before they used it to base OS X. I've used OS X myself and it crashes a lot more than my eMachines running Windows 2000.

Support: Ha! Apple's idea of support is a bunch of pages telling you how great all their products are. After filling out a form and submitting your problem, THEN you are told that you won't get a personal response. Thanks a lot, Apple.

Also, the fact that Mac's can now run Windows is pitiful. All Apple is saying is that their own capabilities of creating an operating system suck so badly that they have to make computers capable of running Windows. Mac users have been bashing Windows for years, and now they want to use it?

Thats pathetic...
Mac user: OS X is faster, more secure, more stable, and easier to get support for than any release of Windows.

Me: *Bursts into raucous laughter at the mac user's stupidity*
by Macinshit August 22, 2006

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