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Original Gangster Tool; a fan exclusively of TOOL's Opiate 1992 EP.
I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s,
and a dope Beastie T, nipple rings,
and new tattoos that claimed that he
was OGT
from '92
the first EP
by eepberries November 21, 2004
I believe the Tool reference is meant as "Of Good Taste". It makes more sense with the song and is a fairly common term.
That musician is OGT, hes a real good player.
by TheBORG28 July 06, 2011
Test made by the state of Ohio under Bush. Becuase no child left behind said so.
The OGT is a waste of time
by ogt2graduate March 08, 2005
Acronym for an obviously gay trait. Obvously gay trait is a quality often associated with a homosexual that outs them.
My mom should have known, shopping was my OGT.
by luke102280 September 25, 2006
In spanish language, sounds like "ojete", wich means asshole (Ironically, asshole and ojete have the same two meanings in both languages: stupid and anus).
Eres un ogt!!!
You are an asshole!!!

Bésame el ogt...
Kiss my asshole...
by Zolrak November 30, 2006
shit means Original Gangsta Thug. 'OG: Original Gangster' is a 1991 album by Ice-T, which is dope check it out.

Oh and SYOP/SYOB yeh been bangin'/tha Booty, aint that shit dawg.
I'm OGT motherfucker! and the motherfucker be trippin', yall that shit is dope.
by FYI; I'm Rick James, Bitch! June 25, 2009
When someone shaves their head bald, or close to it. Over Grown Testicle.
Yo OGT, get yo ass over herre.
by Mix Master Mike April 09, 2005

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