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a spanish term which means asshole, or stingy. Used in various occasions such as these.
Chuy: May i have some of those cookies.
Jerry: No
Chuy: No seas ojete guey.
by chuy ayala June 23, 2005
Spanish vernacular for asshole. Either used as a noun referring to the anus or an adjective, commonly in a negative light.

noun-Damnnn!!!! That's a tight ojete!

adj.-Karla, tu eres un ojete!
by El Remo February 10, 2008
Latinamerican term (most used in Mexico) used to define a person who always gets what he or she wants. Sometimes is also used as an insult, like lacra or cabron.
Hey, you f*cked my cousin. Ojete!!
Que onda vos ojete, devolveme mi libro.
by Chente November 10, 2004
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