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adj. - Acronym for "own fucking program".
1) Military slang for when a person is doing their own thing, "singing to their own tune", and generally just acting different or seeming to be in their own world.
2) Also military slang for when an object is not working properly.
1) "Why on Earth did Brown did a tattoo of Daffy Duck? He's OFP, dawg."

2) "My laptop is OFP. It keeps giving me error messages when I try to shut it down."
by eunmi007 December 14, 2006
Own Fucking Program!
Military use this such as.

Guy 1 Are you going to run with us today?

Guy 2 No I'm on my OFP!
by Mr. Jones III February 11, 2009
Ordinary fucking people.

People that are average, normal, and can be relied on not to "stir the pot."
Evan: Hey heard of any good orgies around?
Zenia: Nah, I've been a bit out of the loop, mainlining PCP and whatnot.

*Group of people walks by*

Nondescript Group Member: Hey!

Zenia: Hi!
Evan: How y'all doin'?

Group: We're good! *walks on*

Zenia: What a bunch of OFP's
Evan: For real though.
by superqueero March 09, 2014
Operation Flashpoint, most realistic war simulation game on Windows, which is not recommended for CS newbies or 13 year old lamers
Jay: Make a OFP Coop mission, i wanna play

Kay: Roger, lets kick some russian ass !
by mrkay June 08, 2003
One false pairing. The absolute worst fan-fiction pairing that one could possibly think of.
1. You ship Finn with Applejack? Dude, that's my OFP.
2.My OFP is pikachuxObama.
by Fluttershy95 March 25, 2012
Oh fucking please
OFP! you did not just eat 7 hot dogs!
by asdfghjkertyuiop June 17, 2009
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