Outta control
That fight was o.c.
by Bria1013 February 22, 2009
When someone is outta control
Did you see that girl fighting. She was OC!
by LaPria January 28, 2009
Ocean City, Maryland
Many tourist come to Ocean City, Maryland
by sweetcandysum November 16, 2010
Abbreviation for "of course"
May I have a drink of your soda? OC you can!
by Stephtastic85 June 27, 2011
Osceola, the best place in Indiana to make crop circles!
i live in da big OC
by Mayonaise June 17, 2003
(out of control) An abreviation for someone or a situation that is not of the norm. In some instances could be considered an insult or a compliment. (might also be read as 'outta control')
This party is O.C.!
Bitch, don't get all O.C. on my ass!
(Your dad is so hot, he's outta control.)
by Lauren L and Liz W August 05, 2003
Meaning "Own Character" an OC is a character made up by a person, to be used literally as thier "own character" for fanfictions,(with or without a character from an anime series) picture ideas, ect. An OC is often a non-human, (i.e. Vampire, Werewolf, ect.) or sometimes an anthro character. It is also often for OC to be in anime-style when drawn.

On occasion, groups of friends will act and speak like thier OCs would, for fun. They often "switch" between each OC and thier own personalites.
Amy: Omg i just wrote a really random fanfic about my OC, Kitty and Nicole's OC, Ben.
Jane: Haha, cool. I just finished Drawing a pic of my OC, Danny!

Amy: (Talking as her OC) Yeah, Amy wrote the craziest story, even I don't get it! and I'm 1126 years old!
Jane: (also as OC) Ha, well Jane-chan drew an AWESOME picture of me!
by DarkPeaceLove May 14, 2009

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