as in On Crack
used in south chicago meaning crazy or fucked up
that teacher is definitely O.C.

girl, you o.c.
by mr things September 13, 2006
Out of control.
Josh is O.C. to the C.O. cut off
by kenz November 26, 2003
A 73 year old man who hangs around 16 year old boys. (abbrevaition for old cunt)
Geoff was being such an O.C. last night, he didnt buy us a slab
by Geoff June 01, 2003
Phrase used to describe an "obsessive compulsive" trait. If the person seems to have an repetitive desire, or somewhat recurring and absurd need, then he/she will be regarded as "OC"
"I need to type up all of my history notes from today." -"Dude, you're so OC"

"Black pens are all I write with; color disturbs me"
"Dawg, you're OC"

by KBGM February 08, 2008
o.c. means outta control, which is a person who is just crazy
2 boys are standing together and a girl one of the boys like walked by and one boy was like aint that the girl you like! and he said it loud and the other boy was like man you o.c. cuz he said it loud and busted him out
by LaToya B June 02, 2005
yall dont even know. o.c. stands for old colony project, south boston yea heard. dont even go there. Cause o.c. be illen
Mad heroine bein pumped up outa o.c., so watch out for the fiends.
by ill k August 20, 2003
1. A term used for a ugly overconfident girl who thinks she is the shit.
2. The term used for a girl that is so fat that she is the size of Orange county
SHe is a bit O.C., she's not even hot.
by Motha Sucka June 01, 2006

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