yall dont even know. o.c. stands for old colony project, south boston yea heard. dont even go there. Cause o.c. be illen
Mad heroine bein pumped up outa o.c., so watch out for the fiends.
by ill k August 20, 2003
1. A term used for a ugly overconfident girl who thinks she is the shit.
2. The term used for a girl that is so fat that she is the size of Orange county
SHe is a bit O.C., she's not even hot.
by Motha Sucka June 01, 2006
1) A shitty, over dramatic television show consisting of one ugly girl named Misha Barton. They are ruiners of indie rock.

2) An adjective used to describe something pointless and overrated.
1) The O.C. should be cancelled forever.

2) This school has gone so O.C.
by ashley April 24, 2004
Overly caucasian, do not place on dance floor.
"I'm OC, do not place me on a dance floor"
by dabizz March 04, 2008
OC = of course
Dude 1 = "Are you going to McD's?"

Dude 2 = "OC"
by m00se123 August 25, 2008
-open crib.
-house available for underage partying.
Ayo! I got OC for the whole break!

Sonny Jim said that he has OC this weekend, it's party time!

Tom:Yo, we should have a party, but where can we throw it at?
Bob:You all can come to my house, I got OC till Sunday.
Tom:Nice, but we needta make sure we get some chicks to come over, I don't want no sausage fest...
by Bob Smith Apple January 09, 2008
1. (adj.) Relating to or characterized by a tendency to dwell on unwanted thoughts or ideas or perform certain repetitious rituals, especially as a defense against anxiety from unconscious conflicts: obsessive-compulsive behavior.

2. (n.) An obsessive-compulsive person.
An obsessive-compulsive person.
by Bruce January 10, 2005

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