adjective used to describe one who's over reacting and looking depressed.
At the moment, my girlfriend is all depression and emotional, she's so O.C.
by vincie April 28, 2007
Someone who, whether conscious of it or not, is living a life similar to those on the television show, The OC. It is a derogatory term for those who are living (or attempting to live) the 'high life.' This person is loosely reminiscent of a prep.
Son: I'm thinkin' of gettin' one of those mp3 players
Father: Well-
Son: But I don't want an Ipod 'cause I don't wanna be an OC
Father: I'm proud of you son
by Ryan Jackson August 17, 2006
to do the oc is to blatently make out with your b/f g/f and not care whos watching
umm yea beth and some kid are in the living room doin the O.C.
by ben wininger January 21, 2005
OC means both original character and out of character. This is mostly used in fan fictions to explain to the readers that an original character from the publish work (ex; Harry Potter) is not going to be acting like they usually do.
Severus Snape is not being snarky ,and he is being nice so he is OC.
by Kurama_Bookworm127 June 30, 2013
Organic chemistry (subject or class).
_ Is Mary Fanelli in today?
_ She is, but she has OC up until 4 PM right now.
by pentozali September 12, 2012
Outta Control
That girl was o.c at the party the other night.
by dani92 August 12, 2011
Outta control
That fight was o.c.
by Bria1013 February 22, 2009

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