This is an abbreviation for Orange County. I personally have never heard of the abbreviation since they came up with that stupid TV show the O.C. I guess people think they are cool when they say O.C. instead of saying Orange County. Notable destinations are Disneyland, and Knotts Berry Farm.
Dude, lets go to the O.C. and go to Disneyland!

by Rob Yo April 29, 2008
In the My Little Pony Fandom (Or any other fandom, mlp being most common) An OC stands for Own Creation/Original Character. The term refers to someone when they creator their own character in a fandom, some can be found on DevaintART or tumblr. The OCs are often given names, or adopted.
Casey: "Angie, I love your Hunger Games OC."
Angie: "Thanks! I hand drew it too."
by HaloBrony April 15, 2015
overclock its something you do when you gives your pc more power.
by hyper-h December 30, 2010
short version of the words "Original Charecter" , if used in Art communities like .

Original charecter means a new charecter someone has made fully of his/herself,and hasn't been seen in any movies/series/mangas/animes/dramas,and are used in Original story that the person itself has written.
"Oh,this is my OC mink!i just made her yesterday while thinking about my new story,"
by Rch. June 28, 2009
*Organized Crime*

O.C. runz the streetz from the gutter to the hillz.
by BLAZER420 March 07, 2009
adjective used to describe one who's over reacting and looking depressed.
At the moment, my girlfriend is all depression and emotional, she's so O.C.
by vincie April 28, 2007
Someone who, whether conscious of it or not, is living a life similar to those on the television show, The OC. It is a derogatory term for those who are living (or attempting to live) the 'high life.' This person is loosely reminiscent of a prep.
Son: I'm thinkin' of gettin' one of those mp3 players
Father: Well-
Son: But I don't want an Ipod 'cause I don't wanna be an OC
Father: I'm proud of you son
by Ryan Jackson August 17, 2006
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