1. A word used by Cronus in the webcomic Homestuck(canon).
2. A word Eridan occasionally says in some of Octopimp's videos.
3. Usually stands for 'no'.
4. Also said repeatly by Joey in Yu-gi-oh abridged series.
Gamzee: I brought Eridan hope you don't mind!
Eridan: Nyeh.
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by Sumhomestuckfan November 02, 2013
a word that exemplifies delight and sheer terror at the same time, most commonly used when being attacked by bubba.
oh no oh no am-nien!!!! ahh ahh!! NYEH! NYEH!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
A flat, semi-whiney way to express a feeling of unpleasantness.

"Nyeh" is typically used for a replacement for "no" as a response to yes/no questions, demands, and unpleasant scenarios, with the intent of showing that you do not like what the other person has said, and are prepared to whine about it until you get your way.

The length and/or abruptness of the statement of "Nyeh" also determines the level of feeling. A short, snappy "Nyeh" suggests anger and annoyance, where a long, drawn out one suggests whineyness.
Example 1:
"Will you go get me a glass of water?"

Example 2:
"Go make me a sandwich!"

Example 3:
"Guess what? My mother's going to be in town this week!"
#meh #waah #pssh #gah #no
by He Who Worships Ducks November 14, 2011
1. The mental and sometimes vocal sound a Jew makes when smelling a profit or opportunity.

2. It can be also used as a defensive personal warning when fear of being taken for a ride is triggered in a Jew's mind.

Reception: Nyeh is not a derogatory or anti semetic phrase but rather claims ownership of anti semetiam and associted stereotypes.

Nyeh why should I hide the fact I am not a moron with money. Nyyyyyyeeehhhh.

Etymology: nyeh was coined in 2006 at the University of Leeds when a bill was being split amongst a table of Jews and non Jews. The pehnomenon of splitting an un even bill triggered the outburst of 'nyeh why should I pay more'. Since then it has been used an estimated 4.8 million times and is now widely used in the UK, US and Middle East.

Usage: Eskimo's have adopted Nyeh when dealing with transactions in whale blubber and kelp.
1."If you give me your business I will double your profits. All I ask is 10% commission. .Nyeh." (Vocal or mental dependent on how well acquainted the two parties are).

2. "Shall we split the bill?
No, I only had a salad. Nyeh why should I pay more." (Again in the mind or vocal)
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by Oxford Dictionary UK June 13, 2013
New Year's Eve Hangover. Popularly referred to as "NYEH." Pronounced phonetically.
Troy: Omg I drank so much last night. Nyehhh.

Maya: Oh gurk, drink some water. We don't want that NYEH to last.
#new #year's #eve #hangover #alcohol #drinking
by Cyclobutane December 31, 2011
An immature responce to a situation that most children and people named Ally use.
"I have a new kitten!" Says Amanda
"Nyeh, well, I have a puppy!" Says Ally
#nyeh #immature #children #responce #nyeah
by RomanG-Lei November 22, 2010
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