A derogatory term for the Netscape browser.
Me: Hmm, which browser to use? Opera or Firefox? Tough choice...
Computer n00b: netscap iz teh shiz!!!111 firefx sux dun use it!!1 hey i think i got sum spywarez!!!!!help!!!!111
Me: I would rather browse the net with telnet and a packet-sniffer than use Nutscape.
by DethBlade July 15, 2005
3 Words related to Nutscrape
Area between legs that has been rubbed raw from going "commando" too long.
I haven't worn undrewear for three days and now I have nut scrape.
by Michael Mitchie May 10, 2005
A medical condition after severe scratching of the testicles.
"He was involved in a sexual act with his cat and his cat scratched his balls, he was in hospital for a week with his nutscrape!"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun January 01, 2003

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