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The name used for the movie rental service when renting pornographic films.
Guy 1: Are you picking up Deep Impact on Netflix?
Guy 2: No...but I will be picking up Deep Throat on Nutflix.
by alcstarheel January 10, 2010
A porn movie delivery service, unnoticeable on bills, considering its one letter difference from "Netflix".
Dude, can you come over tonight? I just got "Pulp Friction" and "School of Cock" on Nutflix!
by SAINT_QWERTY January 11, 2010
Pornographic Film DVD club Mail Service,

"Jack off where you want , when you want...NUTFLIX"
Oh Man Oh Man, Me love you long time # 13 is out on DVD but the video store is out!!!

Guess I Will Be Renting it from NutFLIX!!!!
by MapQua January 10, 2010
Renting softcore adult movies over Netflix, particularly streaming them over XBOX Live with the hopes of busting a nut.
Guy: "Man, I added Boyz Life 6 to my instant queue on Nutflix last night and sat through the whole thing without busting a nut."
Guy #2: "Aww, damn that sucks man. Next time try Boyz Life 7. Lots of cock, I blew my load everywhere!"
by 69 Cowboys January 10, 2010
Gay porn.
Heterosexual friend: "Hey what you doing on the computer?"
Homosexual man: "Oh I was just buying some movies."
Heterosexual friend: "What kind of movies do you like?"
Homosexual man: "Nutflix darling. Nutflix."
Heterosexual friend: "Whatever works for you man!"
by Naughtghey January 10, 2010
Any kind porn to make you Orgasm
i was watching some nutflix, this chick was riding so good
by Elfresh January 10, 2010
A movie rentals-by-mail service for squirrels
squirrel#1: Have you rented Over The Hedge yet?
squirrel#2: No, but I'll get it off Nutflix and watch it on nut inside.
squirrel#2: But there's portable nut! You can watch nut outside!
by orijimi June 10, 2006
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