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An act usually following the Florida feedbag in which penetration is achieved despite the viscous presence of regurgitated orange juice.
I knew I'd be chafed walking around the theme parks the next day, but I had to get my "Pulp Friction" on that night.
by JessviaLeaviaZac December 09, 2006
8 1
Masturbating to a sex scene in a book.
The sex in that chapter was so hot I needed some pulp friction.
by NoCalReader August 05, 2012
3 0
The burning of ones hand on paper (pulp) caused by a large friction when smudging pencil lines in a drawing.

Not to be confused with Pulp Fiction (Le Pulp Friction)
Guy1: "Dude I was drawing in pencil for 6 hours last night"
Guy2: "Oh shit, I can't imagine the Pulp Friction"
by Fauuuuuuuuulknerrr October 10, 2011
2 3
1. When you rub two oranges together. Verb. (made by Ian)
2. What an idiot calls the movie Pulp Fiction. Noun.
1) To make orange juice, you use th pulp friction method.
2) Pulp Friction or whatever...
by Julie D May 21, 2008
1 3