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Pornographic Film DVD club Mail Service,

"Jack off where you want , when you want...NUTFLIX"
Oh Man Oh Man, Me love you long time # 13 is out on DVD but the video store is out!!!

Guess I Will Be Renting it from NutFLIX!!!!
by MapQua January 10, 2010
a fight takes place in public and people that you would least likely be there begin to watch in entertainment.
HooooLLLyyy Shit Grandma Look at those two Fuckers Going at it , all right grandson looks like we found us some

by MapQua January 10, 2010
A Very Large Vaginal Opening
Wow is this the video of your wife giving birth?...
.EWW!!!The Meat is hanging out it looks like a Wizard Sleeve.
by MapQua December 28, 2009

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