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1. In physics, a slight irregular motion in which the axis of rotation of a largely axially symmetric object such as a gyroscope or a planet.

2. In sex, an act during intercourse in which gyration by the receiving partner (usually on top) resulting in a slightly irregular circular movement of the penis within an orifice while the depth of penetration remains constant.

3.In molecular biology, to mix a solution by rocking in a slightly irregular manner using a nutator.
Dude, I can never get off when she is on top because she nutates way too much. It is like her vag is jar of peanut butter and she is trying to scrape the last bit out with my wiener.
by nutator April 27, 2009
(verb) during sex, when a woman rotates her hips in a circular fashion around the man's cock, usually Pelosi style
"Yo man, she nutated me so good last night."
by back_it_up April 27, 2009
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