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A small town in England near Coventry and Birmingham. It is known for its high population of inbreds, chavs and Asians. A slow walk around Nuneaton will likely result in death or serious injury. Obi-Wan Kenobi once described Nuneaton as being 'a wretched hive of scum and villainy.'
I would go to Nuneaton, but I'd probably be killed by the chavs, inbreds or Asians.
by SomeDude53535 December 03, 2010
A town near to Birmingham, often refered to as Nunny, Town or S*** hole.
Man 1: Going Nuneaton tonight?
Man 2: Nah, it's a S*** hole.
by Lewiscore June 12, 2007
Nuneaton is my town. It's in the middle of england and near to coventry and birmingham. It's called nuneaton because hundreds of years ago, it was called eaton or etone, but then some nuns came and started a church calling in NUNeaton. (although its not very religious anymore atall)
where i live...near Birmingham
by Fealiks March 25, 2005
Nuneaton, my glorious home, how I miss you. The image of Nuneaton, like many industrial towns has gained a poor reputation in some circles, promoted by the usual naysayers and negative minded types who will dismiss and castigate anywhere, anything for the sheer pleasure of doing so. However I love Nuneaton. Not just for the fact that it has been my home for the majority of thelast 30 years (since birth in fact)nor for the fact that most of my family still reside there, no, it is for the place itself. Yes there are crime problems, yes there are local chavs lowering the tone, yes there is litter grafitti and dirt, but these problems exist across the majority of Britain. And there are decent people, educated, caring and hard working in Nuneaton. There are also places of splendour and beauty, Arbury Hall, Seeswood Pool, countryside areas in the areas surrounding Ansley, Arley, Astely et al, Ensors Pool, home to the rare native English crayfish, beauty spot and SSSI, The walk from Alderman Smith School playing field to Bermuda Village is one of peace and tanquility. There is also a wonderous and interesting local history, exhibited and interpreted at the local Museum and Art Gallery, as well as the Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre. Beautiful churches, plethora of restaurants (Indian, Thai, Italian, Greek, Nepalese, Chinese) I could continue, but in short, nuneaton is a wonderous and beautiful place and needs more positive attitudes and portrayals to recognise its full potential
Nuneaton is the greatest place on Earth
by King Neil the Magnificent August 21, 2006
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