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4 definitions by Fealiks

Nuneaton is my town. It's in the middle of england and near to coventry and birmingham. It's called nuneaton because hundreds of years ago, it was called eaton or etone, but then some nuns came and started a church calling in NUNeaton. (although its not very religious anymore atall)
where i live...near Birmingham
by Fealiks March 25, 2005
39 29
1.preparing farm animals after a long day's work
2.A term often used while on a personality test
1.BrightEyes usually gives the milkmaids what they need
2.Joshi:"Did you see that feralweb thing? that made me want to sex up some cows!!"
by Fealiks April 02, 2005
5 5
a random word i just made up.
by Fealiks April 21, 2005
6 14
A song by Craig David(bo).
soda pop! come on lets get busy!
soooda pop! drink some of my fizzy!
by Fealiks March 25, 2005
12 36