Playing with ones genitals for sexual gratification. In layman's terms, wanking.
I need a number three
by One Eyed Milkman May 04, 2004
referring to a human female's menstrual session.
" seem cranky, do you need to go make a number three?
by SpiderMAH May 02, 2009
Best Jersey Number, EVER!
Joe - "What's your jersey say?"
Ben- "Number three."
Joe- "Best number EVER!"
by nothinglessnothingmore March 12, 2011
Bob went number three in the bathroom.
by Eddie July 14, 2003
man juice; semen. can be used as a verb or noun.
Lance had to number three in the sock after having unprotected sexual relations. Unknowingly, Liz later picked it up and wore it.
by shugachica69 September 21, 2007
When you use the bathroom for urination it's number one.
When you use it to defecate its number two.
When you use it to masturbate its number three.
Number one - Gold like the sun'
Number two - going poo
Number three - the devil sets my sperm free
I just went number three on myself.
by VegSXEBassist August 13, 2007
Urinating (number one) and defecating (number two) simultaneously.
Joe: Damn I got to go.
Jim: Number one or number two?
Joe: Both, bro'.. number three!
by Joe Bone March 08, 2005

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