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Yourself ­­­
Gotsta look after number one
by One Eyed Milkman May 04, 2004
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The best, greatest of all time
He was number one after he won
by Young Sun January 01, 2006
shortest haircut a guy (or gal) can get.
check out that bogan with a number one!
by Squidling January 07, 2004
being at the top of your friend's best friend ranking. A number one takes on duties and privileges that must be held account for.
Luan: yo peter, you're my number one now.
Peter: What about Pat?
Luan: Man that skank ahh nig aint nothin but a bitch
Peter: Thank you luan, i'll do my best.
by Peter December 10, 2006
Commander William T. Riker
Make it so, Number One.
by Captain Picard February 07, 2005
Captain Jean Luc Picard addressing Commander William T. Riker.
You have the bridge Number one. I have to go take a number two.
by Nonchalant Ego March 25, 2010
When something is amazingly awesome, parcticly too awesoem to think aobut, so you say its Number one!
Apose to it being number two, meaning the same thing as the bathroom associated thing.
"Rico, this thing is NUMBER ON!"
"Thanks, man. This is Number One!"
by DieWeak73 March 18, 2008

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