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The name of a quiet asian kid in the class. He won't hesitate to roundhouse kick you to the side of the head if you look at him funny.
by genen1 February 04, 2010
An amazing guy who is incredibly sweet, charming and simply amazing. He's a gentleman and enjoys sarcasm. He is very good at sports and has smile that is so cute. He could be shy at times, but if you get to know him, you'll be happy you did. He's one in a million. He knows what to say to cheer you up and knows how to make everyone feel special.
"Whoa that guy is amazing" "You mean Luan?" "Well Duh"
by October Seventeen November 11, 2012
The type of guy that would do anything to make he's mates laugh, so don't think your better than him cause he won`t mined beating you to shit. The worst dancer. Great at sport. Good guy. Usually a 7 or 8 /10 in looks. Killer at making chicks laugh. Likes pissing off people older than him. So you get the point don`t fuck with him. He's just one of a 1000 000 000.
He`s just Luan
by Ebay July 21, 2012
A gay diva who bitches on youtube. He is hilariously funny and is an amazing dancer. Watching him makes you feel good.
did you see luanlegacy's new video?" "Yeah, man. It was awesome.
by random youtuber June 27, 2011
A not so common name for a male in vietnam. Luan means a wannbe who is easily bored
My name is Luan and I'm so bored, I think I will turn emo!!
by Unknownzz August 30, 2008

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