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When something is amazingly awesome, parcticly too awesoem to think aobut, so you say its Number one!
Apose to it being number two, meaning the same thing as the bathroom associated thing.
"Rico, this thing is NUMBER ON!"
"Thanks, man. This is Number One!"
by DieWeak73 March 18, 2008
Captain Jean Luc Picard addressing Commander William T. Riker.
You have the bridge Number one. I have to go take a number two.
by Nonchalant Ego March 25, 2010
The state of being the ultimate mack daddy in conjunction with possessing another admirable talent. Therefore, earning multifaceted respect.
"Dude just crossed the finish line in first place and immediately proceeded to mack hoes... number one."
by CTroller November 19, 2009
n. urination
I gotta go do a number one
by fizzle April 01, 2004