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Restroom term for diarrhea. If number one is urinate and number two is defecate than number 3 is both at the same time.

Pissing out your butt.

Hershey squirts.
I had number 3 all morning after a night of drinking draft beer!
by Max Pontiac December 20, 2006
Having diahrrea or the action of urinating and passing a bowel movement at the same time.
Gretta: "I have to go the bathroom real bad!"
Marla: "Is it #1 or #2?"
Gretta: "Its worse! I feel a #3 comin' on!"
by gretta March 21, 2005
When you go to the bathroom to pleasure yourself. You're not going number 1 or number 2.
"You ate too many oysters at lunch and began running hot, so you went to the bathroom to go number 3."
by Mr. Account Manager February 19, 2010
Basically when you've got diahhrea. It's a combination of a number 1 and a number 2. So when you piss out of your ass you can politely refer to it as a number 3.
I had some really good mexican food last night but it left me with the number 3s all morning.
by The King of Ping April 08, 2006
Taking a Pee is a number 1.
Taking a Dump is a number 2.
Doing both at the same time is a number 3.
Bob laughed so hard that he didn't just piss his pants, he did a number 3...pissed an shit himself at the same time!
by Hardtokill April 21, 2011
When a man or woman ejaculates. Number one is pissing, Number two is taking a shit, so Number 3 would be ejaculating.
The guy was so hot I almost Number 3'd in my panties.
by Dr. Wasinya October 09, 2009