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When you are violently ill and uncontrollably vomit and have explosive diarrhea simultaneously. The victim is usually unprepared and in midstride for the bathroom when it occurs. Also known as burning the candle at both ends.
"Dude, I just caught my mom and dad going at it in the car! I almost number 7'ed right there!"

"Man, I was so sick, I took a number 7 and there wasn't any warning!"
"Dude, you don't choose when to number 7, number 7 chooses you."

"I don't wanna talk about it..."
by Tbonesteak4dinner August 15, 2011
To Beat off while taking a shit. Number 2 and Number 5 combined.
I was taking a number 7 when my mom walked in.
by Eric December 04, 2003
The coolest character from Dead In the Water for PSX.
Ever since I started using Number 7 on DITW, I always beat RatchetBoo.
by Shawn B. May 02, 2003
Adding heroin to cocaine before cooking it in a spoon with baking soda so it binds together into one rock.
I got right fucked up smoking number 7's last night but now I'm dopesick today.
by Ken November 29, 2002
In the spirit of taking a "number one" or "number two," a number 7 is when you take a dump whilst crying hysterically.
Ralph: "I cried hysterically while I was taking a dump today"

Jim: "Wow, that's at least a number 7"
by Dr. Squirrel March 14, 2009
A brand of ciggarettes usually cheaper!
MaN i WaS SmoKiN A MeNTHoL FLaVoR NuMBa 7 aT LunCH
by The Reefer Man May 19, 2005
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