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When you are violently ill and uncontrollably vomit and have explosive diarrhea simultaneously. The victim is usually unprepared and in midstride for the bathroom when it occurs. Also known as burning the candle at both ends.
"Dude, I just caught my mom and dad going at it in the car! I almost number 7'ed right there!"

"Man, I was so sick, I took a number 7 and there wasn't any warning!"
"Dude, you don't choose when to number 7, number 7 chooses you."

"I don't wanna talk about it..."
by Tbonesteak4dinner August 15, 2011
When you and a stranger are walking in opposite directions on the sidewalk and, despite how far away you are, how much space to your sides you have, and multiple attempts to get out of each other's way, you always seem to step in the same direction, resulting in you bumping into one another.

The more vigorously you step left and right to avoid the other person, the more violent the impact.
"Dude, I got deadlocked into an epic game of Sidewalk Chicken today. You'd think that 50 feet would be enough but there was no way out!"

"These two girls looked like they were rave dancing toward each other on Main street, but then they rammed into each other last second. It was a huge game of Sidewalk Chicken!"

"Haha dude! I treated this suit walking down my block to a nice game of Sidewalk Chicken. You should have seen how fast his feet went by the time we hit!"
by Tbonesteak4dinner September 03, 2011

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