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The act of nuzzling, hugging, snuggling, and nudging one awkwardly with their head.
During the movie, she laid her head on his shoulder and started nuggling him. He was so creeped out that he decided that was their first and last date ever.
by Anna Marees November 06, 2010
When a guy/girl puts his/her arm around you and you start rubbing your heads together.
Girl 1: "So how was the movie?"
Girl 2: "Great! In the middle of the movie, he put his arm around me and we started nuggling!"
Girl 1: "Wow! That's pretty serious!Was he a good nuggler?"
Girl 2: "He was great! I've never been nuggled like that before! I think he's really into me!"
by mak97 December 30, 2008
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