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To snuggle with a loved one. Can be shortened to "nugs". Can also be modified. See "Dirty Nugs".
How bout some nugs.
When we get home later I want some dirty nugs.
by gomaz June 24, 2005
The study of the ass proper. Most men are students of this discipline.

Assology is best studied in the summer having drinks on a patio in a high traffic zone.

Also see Assologist.
1. When I grow up I want to study assology.

2. Do you want to go to the pub and study assology?
by gomaz July 06, 2005
Modification of Nuggle. NUggle means to Snuggle. Dirty Nugs means to Snuggle and have intercourse at the same time.
I could really use some dirty nugs.
by gomaz June 24, 2005
1. An expression said to a person with whom you intend to engage in dirty nugs with.

2. Casual form of saying "I love you".
Alright goodnight...loveya.
by gomaz July 05, 2005
One who specialized in the study of Assology
That woman's sweet ass forced me into becoming an assologist.
by gomaz July 06, 2005
A convenient way to let a sista know that she is being a bitch.
Yo Bitchsta, come say that to my face.
by gomaz July 11, 2005
A feminine version of Homie.
I'm hangin' with my homamas.
by gomaz July 24, 2005

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