Noun. A guy (or girl) that is cute in that little kid kind of way. You don't think they're completely hid, just not hot.
Brandon got his braces off, what a nuggle.

Person 1: Did you see the new kid yet?
Person 2: Yeah, he's not as hot as everyone said he is. Just a nuggle.
by Nugglicious Nancy December 02, 2009
To sleep very intensly, but yet so gently.
It's 11:00 P.M., I'm tired, it's time to nuggle.
by Tynanb1 December 02, 2009
A more adult term for a blanky or special blanket one sleeps with at night.
Jane was taking her nuggle and going to bed.
by Jazmin's Sunshine Mama April 10, 2008
Brand of chocolate bar popular in St. Lucia; similar to an "Oh Henry" bar.
This Nuggle is awesome!
by Int November 30, 2004
An all rounder word that can be used randomly in any situation.
*sound of brakeing glass*
"Oh Nuggle"
by Nick Priestess January 04, 2004
A warm embrace, physical or otherwise where both parties are saying " fuck off"..
I was so mad at that slut, but I nuggle'd her on the way out.
by snacktray March 25, 2003
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