To cuddle a loved-one whilst naked.
A combination of the words naked and cuddle.
"We should nuggle!"
"Agreed, nuggles are the shizz"
by Cuddle Possum November 15, 2013
To face snuggle through the use of nose to nose and nose to cheek contact.

An act performed in both foreplay and the very special after sexy time moments. Prevalent in the sex lives of many couples.
Roland and Jenna laid in bed all day and nuggled.
by Princess Charles March 20, 2012
To Snuggle/Nuzzle/Nibble an infant all at one time or within seconds of each other for the purpose of entertaining, loving,bonding with the infant...usually leads to the infant laughing uncontrollably and smiling very big!!!
I cannot wait for Lyndsey to bring our nephew home so we can NUGGLE him, it makes him laugh so hard!
by Izzys Aunties March 23, 2013
A type of phantom located in the Shetland Isles which takes the shape of a tiny horse, much like a Shetland pony.
It is quick and mischievous and is known to lure unsuspecting humans into stretches of water, not to drown them but to play tricks on them.
Once it has had it's fun it is said to disappear.

It is suggested they are all that remains of a pre-Christian equestrian cult.
"That god damn Nuggle tried to lure me into that stretch of water to play tricks on me!"

"Holy shit, is that a Nuggle?"
by Ghostdefiner February 24, 2014
n: A fictional expulsion of wind from the penis.

vb: To expulse wind from the penis.

vb: Used to express making an error in performance or judgement.
"Agh! Who nuggled?!"

Teammate: "Dude, we're getting killed out there!"

You: "I know. We're nuggling right now, but we'll get them in the last quarter."
by Manly Manosin February 19, 2011
The smallest little bits of Marijuana that some people don't care about and brush away but should always be looked after.
You should save those nuggles for when your fiending.
by Luke and David definitions August 06, 2004
A noun describing one who is both a nigga, and a muggle.
(Muggle being the non-magical folk.)
Kingsley Shacklebolt's brother is such a nuggle dude! As if it isn't bad enough to be black.
by ladydumbledore. December 08, 2009
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