To nestle, hug, and cuddle all at once.
I he wanted to nuddle with me last night after our fight but I turned him down.
#hug #cuddle #nestle #hugging #cuddling #nestling
by Madroskva July 03, 2013
Top Definition
A naked cuddle; combined= nuddle

why cuddle when you can nuddle?
#cuddle #naked #cute #love #nuddle
by Brittany Krueger February 24, 2008
To nap and cuddle at the same time.
After partying for so long, I just wanted to nuddle with my boyfriend.
#snuggle #sleeping #spooning #napping #cuddling
by rachski March 28, 2010
Abbreviation for a "naked cuddle".
Ooh I'm looking forward to our nuddle later on!
#cuddle #nude #naked #hug #snuggle
by kardy May 02, 2014
n. A nude cuddle

v. To nude cuddle

"Nuddle" fills the void between "make out" and "make love". "Let's nuddle" can be a prelude to sex or an end itself.
They took off their clothes and nuddled in bed.
#nude #cuddle #hold #naked #hug
by romanticman May 21, 2013
to get some nookie and then to cuddle
to have sex and then cuddle
I love to nuddle with my hottie!

She made me nuddle with her last night.

Nuddling rocks!
#nookie #cuddle #sex #tap #snuggle #nuddle
by sweetstuff32 April 29, 2011
Verb: To cuddle with one's noggin.

When my son was born, he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis along with a small, yet curable deformity called tortecollis. When he was finally strong enough to hold his big head up, he began "nuddling" (cuddling with his noggin) every time we picked him up and held him.

Still to this day, at six years old, he holds up to his infant nickname, "Mr. Nuddles." Every hug he gives generally includes him burring his noggin into or onto your shoulder, making a complete nuddle.

This clever nickname was given to him by his not-so-clever mother.

Other variations:
Captain Nuddles

Sir Nuddles from Nuddleonia
When we buzzed his head to fix his botched hair cut given by his sister, he was Fuzzy Nuddles.

When he farts, he's a Stinky Nuddles.

When he was a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, he was Spongebob Nuddlepants.

Sounds funny when used with words relating to his actions at the time. When he's eating Ramen Noodles.... Nuddles likes his noodles. When he has peed his pants.... Nuddles made some puddles. Between plays during flag football.... is that Nuddle in the Huddle? When he draws pictures of outer space.... Nuddles dreams of space shuttles. And then there's the word "fuddles." Not exactly sure what it means, but it sounds funny to just say randomly....Fuddles of Nuddles.
#nuddles #puddles #huddles #space shuttles #fuddles
by justawhitedude December 16, 2013
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