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The typical family depicted on television commercials which depict a happy, loving, tight family enjoying whatever item that the commercial is depicting. Sadly, this is not the way that most real life families act.
John: "Dad we need to get a Kinect!! Look how happy that family is!!"

Brother: "Dude, can't you tell that's just a Nuclear Family? The Kinect won't bring that kinda happiness!"
by Scyon May 24, 2011
A family comprised of a mother, father, and at least 1 full child (child of both parents). Something that is non-existent in today's society.
Back in the day, families stayed together for life and existed as a nuclear family! Now, families always split.
by MetalHead16 November 21, 2010
A family of any size which has most of its sustenance prepared in microwave form, also known as nuked
The Nuclear Family can enjoy their meals in just minutes instead of hours.
by HonkeyBread July 30, 2015

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