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A Microsoft product that was re-named from Project Natal that is predicted to fail as with the Sony Motion Control or "Move".
I'm going to go play with Kinect on my Xbox 360.
by Wolfyy June 13, 2010
3 Words related to Kinect
1. The Xbox 360 motion controller losers use to get in shape.

2. Big brother. He's watching you!
1. Jump, whitey, jump!

2. Put on your tinfoil hat, Schizo's. Kinect is here!
by sortamessedup November 23, 2010
Microsoft's new virtual accessory for xbox 360 where unlike the wii, you actually move your WHOLE body. The kinect device has two camaras, a laser, and a motor so it can move its head up and down to look at you. it detecs your motion and body. don't listen to what any of the other insulting definitions say.
No offence to wii, but kinect is more virtual and usful in many ways.
by blakepwner January 24, 2011

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