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Not quite horny.
John: Looking forward to your girlfriend getting back from her trip?
Jim: Yeah, I'm getting a little nubby.
by Ebullient Gideon June 27, 2011
one fourth of an erection; point at which your penis is starting to settle or starting to rise.

Where your penis is warm, a little fatter, and hanging slightly lower.
Dang, willie is rubbing against my leg, I've got a nubby.
by Bick Nowser September 29, 2005
:attribute: having small bumps, generally in a regular pattern, generally providing texture to a fabric. Similar to bumps, welts, nubs and/or nubbins.
The gardeners gloves had a nubby texture which assisted the gardener with maintaining a grip on the slippery tools.
by D. Soger July 23, 2006
1.The fact of being awesome.
2.Being awesome, and not not awesome
Those tits are nubbies
by Lo_Wang August 07, 2009
One who sucks or can't BR in halo 3
"Wow way to miss shots nubby"

" Get out br'd nubby"

" Way to get out br'd when im one shot, nubby"
by LEGGO IS PRO July 18, 2009
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