Slang word for newbies
I beat the whole team by myself, what a bunch of nubbies.
by Raven October 11, 2003
a tall or weirdly large person who acts like a retard
that girl is a nubby!
by lwninja January 14, 2007
A slow person, as in slow (retarded).
Oh man, you are actin like a nubby
by Derm November 28, 2003
The end of a spliff; the part where smoking it becomes nasty.
"That's a nubby" "There's loads of nubbys on the floor"
by Rinser F September 05, 2007
Another way of saying Noob, meaning a new and inexperienced player. This is a frequently used insult in MMO games and Online First person shooters
Look at that level 6 Nubby!
by danizzzzzle August 12, 2006
A variation of the word newbie. Used by me because i own you in counter-strike every day.
AHAHA i 0wn j00 nubby!
by void August 09, 2003
n., (1) Small thumb or flash drive powered by a computers USB port.

(2) Any device that is about the size of one's thumb that has a name you cannot remember.
"Jon, can you bring over your nubby so I can transfer these files to my laptop?"
by Mojave May 05, 2005

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