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A small city in Michigan. It has the worst motto in the US, possibly the world. It's divided like a generic town with two sides of the tracks. One side has giant houses with trees made of money and the other is like eating out a hobos asshole with syrup, it's not THAT bad. Most minority's live on the east side and not allowed to the west side by city ordinance.
Steve: heres novi's motto "its all about you".
Nick: What the fuck does that mean?
by thatVOkid July 14, 2009
Novi is a suburb of Detroit, MI in Oakland County. It is the most boring town in Southeast Michigan, and possibly the entire USA. Almost everybody is a stuck up rich kid, psuedo-badass, and/or a pothead. It's also a super conservative town, which also sucks. The cops here are assholes and think all teens who don't wear preppy clothes are criminals. Almost all the parents either don't give a shit about their kids or are helicopter parents. We have a mall, but is mostly oriented towards snobby rich kids and women between the ages of 25-40. Fountain Walk sucks now that they tore down the skate park. Everything here is about twice as expensive as it is in places like Livonia or Farmington. Only about 25% of the roads have sidewalks here, so it's more dangerous to walk places, so you have to waste gas and money driving 2 miles away. The only good thing about this town is the school district, which is one of the best public districts in the nation. Novi is somewhat divided too, kind of like East and West Berlin. The East side (East of Taft Rd.) has all the smaller and older homes, and most of the apartments, trailer parks, and condos. The West side of Taft has all the obnoxiously large houses and obnoxious people.

So basically, this place sucks. Unless you're old and want to retire in a quiet community, don't live here. There's nothing to do.
Jimmy: Dude, let's go hang out in Novi
Johnny: ...why?
by streetlightmanifesto28 May 04, 2009
A term used meaning someone who is a professional game hacker; who cheats to win.
I can't beat this game so I'm just going to Novis it.
I just Novis'd a new high score!
by Qisdu QJds November 15, 2009
something new and fresh that stands out from the old and common stuff
New Kanye song is the NOVI hit
That movie I saw today was so NOVI
by anonymus001 September 22, 2007
Awesome, Nice, wonderful, friendly, and Cool.
Your so novi! (damn right)
by Anonymous March 30, 2005
A nickname for someone named November.
Fred: So what's your name?
November: My name is November but you can just call me Novi.
by Novirain June 11, 2011
A town in Michigan. Named after the Number 6 train stop with absolutely nothing at it. Do to the notation, No. VI the town was named Novi.

The joke is that nobody stops at the number six stop. So No going to the number VI train stop.

(VI is 6 in roman numerals)
George: Want to go to Novi?
Molly: No.
by Raharu Haruha November 06, 2007
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