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To urinate anywhere you feel like.
Nick Novak invented novaking when he was seen pissing on the sidelines of the Broncos-Chargers game
by JonGruden November 29, 2011
Similar to Tebowing, but while peeing into a cup.
Chargers fans while Tailgating: Dude I have to pee and the porta-squirts have huge lines.

Well, start Novaking in that empty cup by the cardoor and I'll hold a towel up.
by WhatNameIsntUsed December 15, 2011
To tag someone in random photos of strangers, animals or crowds. The more ridiculous the photo, the better.
"Hey Karlo, you've been tagged in a photo of a transvestite on Facebook. I think you've been Novaked."


"He's been annoying lately, let's Novak him."


"I love Novaking Karlo. He's such an easy target."
by killercupcake August 19, 2011
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