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Def 1: A person who is on Ares
Def 2: A person who didn't do a damn thing wrong.
Def 3: A person who is considered guilty over some bullshit (preferrably by fuckin' cops)
The perfect example of Not~Guilty...

Innocent Dude On The Block: Fuck, the cops.
Pig: Excuse me, were you just slangin'?
Innocent Dude On The Block: Hell no, wtf?
Pig: That guy just said you were, and i believe him.
Innocent Dude On The Block: Well you can believe wtf you want, i wasnt selling nothing.
Pig: Well, im gonna have to search you..
Innocent Dude On The Block: Wtf..u fuckin porker!!!

(typical pig) (smh)
by Not~Guilty September 08, 2008
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