A city in the EAST MIDLANDS. Get it? Not the north for all you Southerners who have never seen life north of London, MIDLANDS.
A- I'm from Nottingham
B- Oh yeah, that's in the north right?
A- Its in the east midlands you cunt
by Jojo_x July 04, 2009
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The capital of drunken violence. Go Nottingham!!! Also, the world's greatest city. Unlike Derby
Do you live in Nottingham? I do.
The World's Best City, unfortunately located very close to Derby. Luckily it still manages to stay greatest.
I live in Nottingham. Whoopee.
A place that is full of fun.
Its full of tits, fanny and Forest and Nottingham is full of fun.
by JW Pepper December 09, 2003
Gun crime capital of the UK. Basically wheras in other cities you need to carry a knife to get any respect in Notingham you nust carry a gun, if not to look cool just for fucking protection against the twat ass rudeboys. In other words the best god dam city in the world. Also near Ilkeston or Cracktowm UK
"Dude did you hear about the dude that got shot in Nottingham?"
"Which one"
by Angry rage dude November 06, 2005
Urban firing range located in the East Midlands of England. The Chief Constable of Notts this week complained publicly that he is going to have to subcontract some murder investigations because his detectives cannot cope with the workload.
Boss: "We want you to move to Hucknall (north side of Nottingham) to work".
Me: "No thanks. I will stay in Derby as it is safer here".
by fubarderby March 16, 2005
Although it has its bad points, Nottingham is the worlds best city, yes we may have our bad points but at the end of the day what city doesnt, the only difference which makes Nottingham top, is the great deal of love & pride that each and every resident has for living in such a great city & how many people would fly our flag & wear our shirt to show everyone that we support Nottingham & Nottingham Forest with pride & honour!
Nottingham =)
We’re on the march for Cloughie’s army
We’re all going to Wem-ber-leeeee!
And we’ll really shake ‘em up
When we win the FA Cup
‘Coz Forest are the greatest football team!
by Hayley T May 15, 2007
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