A city in Northern Derbyshire, in England. It's a shithole, filled with cunts and whores. What happens if you cross Derby with 1940's Nagasaki.
Fred: Hey! You want to go to Nottingham later?
Jewish Person: What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you a fucking moron? Hitler had better fucking ideas then that!
by Paedophilic And Lovin' It April 11, 2011
Sexy British last name, should belong to one tall dark and handsome.
He calls himself Nottingham, Ian Nottingham.
by MollyCo September 27, 2003
A city located in northern England. The capital of gun crime and street violence in the UK.
a: I'll be in Nottingham for the weekend
b: have you written your will yet?
by pez March 14, 2005
City in Central England with ideas way above its station. 4th most violent city in England status belied by poncy head-up-arse ideas of its city councillors who don't seem to realise what a ghastly and dangerous place it really is. Gun and drug crime proliferate, as does street begging. Oh and the women are slappers too.
Going to Nottingham tonight? Yes, OK.
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
A city with no identity. It's not northern, it's not southern, it's not upper or lower class. It's painfully small and suburban yet it still manages to be one of the most dangerous cities in the country.
"Do you want to go to a gig tonight seeing as there's so many venues in the city?"

"I would but Nottingham never even turns up on any tour lists"
by Zachary May 19, 2005
a dreary town in the even drearier east midlands whose only claim to fame is the non-existent 'outlaw' Robin Hood who was a victorian work of fiction came from nearby. Every where you look there its robin hood this robin hood that and yes, you've guessed it robin hood the other.
everyone in nottingham is proud of a non-existant person because they bizarely think tourists will want to go there.
by ben dover of the yard August 05, 2004

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