Nottingham, which is in the East Midlands of England. This City (Once called Snottingham) has quite a lot of history like the tales of Robin Hood, England's oldest pub "The trip" and the caves and castle. This City is where Brown sauce (HP), Rayleigh bikes were invented. Nottingham had England's biggest lace industry and currently one of England's highest rated cities for Media. Nottingham also has a top 20 university. Nottingham is one of the best cities in the UK..FACT!!!!!
Dude, I live in Nottingham....BRAP!

I love Nottingham.

Nottingham is better than Derby.

Nottingham would be a cool last name.
by tHeProZaCkiD March 15, 2011
THE best place to be!
oh nottingham is full of fun
by arghh me hearties June 07, 2011
A great place to go, if you want to watch two football teams (Notts forest and Nottingham county) who have no talent because they have sold all their best players like Lewis mcgugan and Tyrell waite, if i were you i would drive past Nottingham and go to Derby which has the best football team around with legends like Connor sammon.
Hey man do you want to go to Nottingham to watch football
No thanks I'd rather perform the Lockwood technique whilst being hoofed in the shin by Ben Howarth
by mot gnuoy July 10, 2013
The best place anyone's ever been to ever. Also home to Nottingham Forest, best football team in the world
Guy 1: Do you live in Nottingham?
Guy 2: No
Guy 1: then you're life's shit
by ilovenottingham June 27, 2013
A flop of three spades in Texas hold-em
1.With a Nottingham out there, you've gotta be worried about the flush

2.There's so many spades out there it's like Nottingham on a Friday night!
by delzdreth May 07, 2009
For the low class of the UK. For a big city the people from here are poor and unhealthy. A city that stuggles with life and turns to crime. A city that embarrass surrounding high class city's. Embarrassment of the Midlands, Embarrassment of England, Embarrassment of the World.
Nottingham - Forest Laughing stock
Nottingham - Embarrassment
Nottingham - What you tread in
by CEGent November 26, 2011
Something that is in close relation to the best, and in comparison, poor. This is because of the obviousness that nottingham is located next to the best, Derby.
Yeh he's great, just got his exam results back, all A's! Shame about my Nottingham though
by a peadophilic panda November 21, 2010

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