a frick (the awkward from of frack which is good)
Minecraft player 1: "notch is sooooo cool! what a frack!"
Me: "hes a frick"
by therealMrsMalik July 01, 2013
1. to score a point

2. to copulate
He a was about to notch, which would win the game, but he slipped at the last minute.
by The Return of Light Joker October 11, 2011
Noun, sense 1. An affectionate synonym for 'vagina'. See also gash.

Noun, sense 2. Someone with whom you basically just get drunk and/or high and have sex, usually on a short term basis. Compare to "your girl" or "a ho", both are higher on the intimacy ladder.
Sense 1: "I am so going to hit that notch, bro."

Sense 2: "Are you going to the prom with him?" "Naw. He's just a notch."
by Danny Delinquent December 05, 2003
bitch. (comes from a common mis-typing of the word 'bitch' when entered into the apple iphone touch-screen keypad).
omg, lol ur such a notch, gurl, dat queen must h8 u.
by omgno.udidnt October 05, 2009
1. NOTCH A person you have slept with and have no intentions of a relationship with, but you lie about loving them, wanting them, etc. just to keep sleeping with them.

2. A notch is a person who has slept with a lot of people and has nothing to show for it. They are not in a relationship and occasionally get the "notch" call to meet and have sex, but under the false pretense of romance and relationship.
I called up this girl I used to date and told her a bunch of mess about how I missed her and wanted to see her; just so I could hit. She's just a notch, nothing special.
by nlodge2u March 21, 2010
1)a way to say no
2)a way to denote displeasure
Q: do you want aother slise of pizza
A: Notch
by neutron212 January 19, 2004
Any person of the opposite sex that you have fucked.
Hey buddy how many notches you got?" "Twenty man, most of them are dirties though..." "Doesn't matter a notch is a notch
by JAEAHM January 26, 2011

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