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Irish slang for cannabis resin or hashish, particularly used in Dublin by individuals of a car-less nature. Never to be used in the description of the sweet smelling green, notch is only a reference to resin.

Notch ~ Noun

"Hey man, pass me the notch, I feel like skinning up"

Notch ~ Verb

"Dude Im gonna notch on my lunchbreak, you want some?"

Notch ~ Adj

"I was supposed to clean out the garage on Saturday - but it turned out to be a notch day"
by urbane dick April 08, 2009
The space between the balls and the ass-hole, also refered to as a taint, chode, or gooch.
Dude, that guy that just walked by me smells like the venom off of my notch. He must be some sort of freaky hobo-sexual.
by Ty Martin December 04, 2007
A huge minger, tool bag or dork.
You are a fucking notch.
by Mike June 16, 2004
A bitch. Short for biznotch.
Used either as a term for a woman, or if something is difficult or troublesome (like a woman).
That 'notch just wont give up.
by Dene Goodman July 24, 2003
A female. Most of the time a female that you don't know or care about.
Look at that notch over there. She's got big tits.
by UnclePeter April 07, 2005
n. Very goodlooking person
I'm gonna have to talk to him. He's a notch.
by Ariel February 15, 2003
the top ridge of the arse where the crack begins.
A plumber bends down to pick up a tool which his pants slip down exposing the notch of his crack.
by bread infection November 14, 2005