Northern IT contractors operating south of the Watford Gap; often attempting to fraternise with local female population; humourous;prone to slagging from work colleagues
Simon Thomas; Chris Ibbetson
by Bruce Bourke July 10, 2003
Any chap that ties a rubber rooster from his belt loop so that it hangs below his knees......
First time I seen a Northern monkey I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, kick the thing or just say hi to the chap. So I just bought him a beer then left; they must be a rare breed also for I have'nt seen another.......
by G.T. February 24, 2004
Anyone living north of the watford gap, probably poor, speaks with a funny accent.

Dull whitted
Brad, york8ball, elbeer, onimi, dynamite, jay, Big_Poppa
by ProfessorPool September 18, 2003
A bloke from Grimsby who sniffs fish all day.
Nickos the fish sniffer.
by Dezza July 18, 2003
Anyone from up north that has a silly name like KEEDA, and thinks they are hard but are really soft as a chocolate fire guard!
Keeda is a Northern Monkey xXx
by Sparky February 02, 2004
any boy from up north who is inevitably unable to treat a girl right and they are forever thinking that they are above everyone else. They enjoy messing with your head.
eurgh! u dirty northern monkey!!

Matt Kendall
by i love jeff haha April 13, 2005
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